October 4, 2019


This year’s Chicago Build Expo, Sept 19-20, brought over 15,000 contractors, architects, developers, home builders, and engineers together to exchange ideas and information, learn about the latest trends, and discuss best practices in the construction trade.

Amberleaf Cabinetry, a Chicago based cabinet manufacturer that dominates the multi-family market in Chicago, displayed THINSCAPE™ Performance Tops as the ONLY countertop material in their booth.

Carey Valle, Regional Sales Rep in the Columbus Region and Dale Benson, Sales Rep with Aetna Plywood spent the two days in the booth fielding questions and stirring up excitement.

Over 10,000 Amberleaf cabinets were installed in multi-family units last year, with double-digit growth projected year over year.

Amberleaf is now bundling THINSCAPE™ slabs with their cabinets to provide a single point of contact for general contractors.Their first install in January will be a 300-unit apartment development.