Painted Shaker


The Environs have a classic urban appeal. We have upgraded our Environs from the traditional American style, framed construction to frameless construction. These frameless custom cabinets are constructed with painted MDF door and Duraflake particleboard or plywood carcass. The Environs come in the standard white, grey, and espresso color. Custom matched colors also available.

We still have limited stock for the traditional framed shaker. Contact our sales representative for more information.

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Treat spills and smears while they are fresh. Clean painted cabinets with a soft damp cloth (a microfiber cloth is great) and dry with a soft towel. Avoid over-wetting cabinets. Clean one small area at a time, using a circular motion.‍

Avoid These Cleaners on Painted Cabinets:

- Magic Eraser or similar sponge

- Abrasive powder or scrubbing pads or sponges

- Cleaners with abrasive particles, harsh detergents or ammonia

- Oil soap, spray polishes containing silicone, petroleum products, or wax

- Citrus/orange cleaner