Thermally Fused Laminate


Just as the solar equinox reflects symmetry—the time twice a year when the sun crosses the Earth’s equator, creating equal proportions of day and night—the Equinox line of cabinets offer perfect equilibrium, achieving a sleek, modern look. These semi-custom cabinets come in selection of colors.

Equinox Cabinets are constructed of TFL door and drawer fronts, set in a full overlay slab door style. They are frameless and use Duraflake particleboard for the back and sides.

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AVAILABLE finishes

Make Room for Color

Here are some of the available finishes for this material collection.

Colors and patterns shown may differ from actual product.
Please refer to actual samples before specify.



In order to maintain the life and appearance of your Equinox panels, please follow these guidelines:

After installing the panels, remove adhesives with paint lacquer thinner or contact adhesive solvent. Continued use of solvent cleaners is not recommended.

Equinox panels may be easily cleaned using a mild, non-abrasive, all-purpose cleaner and a soft cloth. Coffee, tea or other difficult stains may be removed using a mild household detergent or a paste of baking soda and water (note: 10-20 strokes should remove most stains, excessive force or scrubbing may damage the surface)

Harsh chemicals or abrasive materials should not be used. Should the surface come in contact with drain, toilet or oven cleaner immediately remove the chemical, rinse thoroughly and wipe dry. Abrasives such as sourcing pads or gritty cleansers may permanently dull and/or scratch the surface and result in future staining.

Protect the surface from hot or sharp objects. Do not place hot cookware, dishes or objects onto the surface. Knives and other sharp objects used directly on the surface can also be damaging. Protect surfaces from heat with an insulating pad or trivet, and from sharp objects with a chopping block or counter protector.