Real Wood Veneer


A flawless fusion of fine materials and consummate craftsmanship for the most discerning of tastes. The Shinnoki Cabinets are constructed with Belgium wood veneered panels door and Duraflake particleboard or plywood carcass.

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AVAILABLE finishes

Make Room for Color

Here are some of the available finishes for this material collection.

Colors and patterns shown may differ from actual product.
Please refer to actual samples before specify.



Shinnoki panels are finished with 6 layers acrylate urethanelacquer and thus easy to maintain. Normal maintenanceinvolves no more than removing dust with a soft, dry cloth. A slightly damp cloth can also be used, but be careful not touse too much water. If liquids are spilled, it is recommendedthat they should be dried off immediately to avoid damppatches being left. Tough dirt can be removed using waterand a mild cleaning agent or a detergent. Never use a cleanerbased on acetone or ethyl butyl acetate; these substancescan leave marks that cannot be removed. Wax and oil canalso cause damage.